Aerial view of morning mist at tropical rainforest mountain, background of forest and mist, Aerial top view background forest. Carbon

Healthy, Working Forests Are a Climate Mitigation Solution

Seven Islands strongly believes that forests are an important part of a comprehensive solution for climate change.  

Sustainably managed forests are healthy forests.   Healthy and productive forests capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the form of tree trunks, leaves, branches, and roots.

When trees in a managed forest are harvested, they are manufactured into long-lived products that continue to store carbon, such as lumber and paper.  Harvest residues and milling byproducts (such as limbs, tree tops, sawdust, and wood chips) are also carbon beneficial.  They can be used to produce clean, renewable energy, reducing society‚Äôs reliance on fossil fuels. 

Following a timber harvest, sites are reforested through both natural regeneration and planting, restarting the carbon capture and storage cycle.

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