photo of rocky brook running through a dense forest Conservation

Protecting Through Planning & Implementation

Forest conservation is the planning and implementation of measures in order to sustain and maintain forested areas and other forest attributes, that are beneficial to both humans and the environment, for future generations to utilize and enjoy.

One method to ensure long term conservation of forests is a legal document known as a conservation easement. A conservation easement is an agreement whereby the development rights associated with a property are transferred from the landowner to a third party or independent organization for the purpose of maintaining the lands in a forested condition and preserving recreational access in perpetuity.

Pingree Forest Partnership

In 2001, the Pingree family and the New England Forestry Foundation established a 750,000 acre easement that encompasses approximately 80% of Pingree-owned land in northern and western Maine. Known as the Pingree Forest Partnership, the easement is focused on protecting lands from development and long-term sustainable forest management.