photo of maine forest in autumn Sustainability

A Fundamental Component Of Our Daily Activity

At its root, sustainability is providing for the needs of today without sacrificing or compromising the ability of future generations to meet tomorrow’s needs. Sustainability is fundamentally part of everything that Seven Islands does, and every decision we make is a commitment to deliver our goods and services while fulfilling the three main pillars of sustainability:

Social Responsibility

This is all about collaboration; operating in such a way where you have the support of all stakeholders (employees, community, etc..). It’s a social license to operate. It’s treating employees fairly and with respect, it’s being a good citizen, it’s providing good benefits, focusing on retention and engagement with employees, and it’s giving back to our communities.

Economic Viability

Bottom line, to be sustainable, a business must be profitable, and this means delivering consistent returns from the assets we manage, not at the expense of the other two pillars, but in conjunction with them. Landowners are able to keep land forested when they are able to benefit economically from the resource that grows there.

Environmental Stewardship

This is having a positive benefit on our forests and the planet, leaving a light footprint, and being a good steward. It is about maintaining clean air, clean water, and sequestering carbon, all while utilizing these resources efficiently.