Rules of the Road

Obey all posted speed limits and signs: Maximum speed is 45 MPH

Seat belt use is mandatory.

Be prepared to stop at all checkpoints and reduce speed to less than 10 MPH.

Keep your lights on for safety.

In areas of limited visibility always drive on the right side of the road and reduce your speed.

All drivers must have a valid state or provincial drivers license with the appropriate rating for the vehicle they are operating.

All vehicles yield right of way to loaded trucks. Yield to any equipment working in the road, pass only after the operators acknowledgement.

For additional safety, drivers should use MURS radios (CB in the Rangeley area) to call out mile markers and landmarks. Be aware that communication systems are sometimes unreliable and are not a substitute for prudent driving. Marine radios are not allowed.

Drivers must be in control of their vehicles at all times.