Summer Forest Technician

Summer Forest Technician

Seven Islands Land Company is an industry leader with a deep history of forest stewardship.

Established in 1964, Seven Islands manages 820,000 acres of family-owned timberland in western and northern Maine, but our story, built on the powerful combination of tradition and innovation, began nearly 200 years ago.  Read more about us here: Our Story

We are excited to kick off this year’s Summer Forest Technician program.

If you love the outdoors, there is probably a place for you in the forest industry.

For many years, Seven Islands has invited forestry students to join our summer program and work with our forestry professionals. The summer experience gives students an opportunity to understand what it means to be a forester, see sustainable forest practices in action, and gain insight into the forest industry.

We strive to give forestry students a well-balanced experience, exposing them to many aspects of the forestry profession and providing an opportunity to contribute directly to the management of this forest. Students who are selected as part of our Summer Forest Technician program will work in a team setting, guided by foresters and planning staff members, to both learn and apply core concepts of forestry.

Students will also take part in boots on the ground, general forestry operations in the Maine woods, including: 

photo of two men using survey gear
Using The Latest Technology In The Industry
Taking Part In Planting Operations
Monitoring Pre-Commercial Thinning
Assisting With Active Timber Harvesting
Hand man holding compass at larch forest with sunlight and shadows at sunrise with vintage scene.
Perform Forest Inventory Cruising

Over the years, many members of the Seven Islands team of professional foresters took part in our summer program.  Here is what some of them have to say about their experience:

Ryan Wishart – Director of Sales and Logistics

“One of the most important tasks that a college student can complete is an internship with a company in their field of interest. My internship experience with Seven Islands assembled some of the most important information that I retained from my college experience. Exploring what you like, or don’t like, in a career choice, and how to apply what you have learned in the classroom setting, is priceless. Seven Islands gave me a chance to learn with their extremely knowledgeable team and helped guide me in the right direction to be happy with my career choice that continues through today.  My career path with Seven Islands includes Intern, Scaler, Utilization Forester, Operations Manager, Senior Operations Manager, and Director of Sales and Logistics.”

Ashlee Boughton – Operations Forester

“Working for Seven Islands as a student exposed me to a variety of experiences. Those diverse experiences helped me make connections between the academic concepts I learned in my course work with the reality of implementing forest operations. My summer internship also gave me opportunities to refine my foundational forestry skill sets. I believe getting real world experience before entering the workforce full-time is invaluable, and getting to do that with the Seven Islands team was a fantastic opportunity for me.”

Eric Deschene – Operations Forester

“A degree in forestry gives a student a lot of abstract and complicated concepts. Being a summer student at Seven Islands put these concepts in perspective. With exposure to real-life applications of silviculture, timber cruising, operations, and more, the summer internship program helped marry the textbook abstract learning to a practical application that gave me the foundations I needed to get a job and provided a framework for everything else I learned in school.”


Where is the Summer Forest Technician program located in Maine?

Summer Forest Technicians work out of offices in northern and western Maine, Ashland and Rangeley respectively. When possible, technicians may also work from our woods camp at Ross Lake.

Do I need to have taken particular college classes to be eligible for the Summer Forest Technician program?

We prefer that Forest Technicians are familiar with common tree species in Maine and have successfully passed classes in tree identification, dendrology, and mensuration, but in special cases we will make an exception for the right candidate. 

Do I need to find my own place to live?

Seven Islands provides shared housing for summer technicians at both of our locations in our onsite apartments.  Summer Forest Technicians will need to bring personal items and bedding, but kitchen items are provided. Some summer technicians may also spend time at our Ross Lake camp, depending on their assignment.

Do I need to use my personal vehicle in the woods?

No. A Seven Islands fleet truck will be at your disposal for work purposes, including fuel and all upkeep.

I am really interested and love the outdoors, but I haven’t been in a working forest before. Will I receive training so I know what to do?

Yes. Seven Islands staff helps new Forest Technicians learn the ropes of safety, driving on woods roads, how to plan for a day in the woods, and what to do in an emergency. Additionally, someone is available to help you if you need it.

Do I need to have my own safety gear?

Seven Islands is dedicated to providing all employees a safe working environment. All Summer Forest Technicians receive a cruising vest, safety glasses, and a compass. Our technicians work in teams in the woods, and each team has a shared Garmin Inreach device and tablet.

How many weeks is the program?

We start mid-May and run through late-August. Summer Technicians can expect to work 40 hours per week plus overtime.

How will I know what I need to bring to be ready to work as a Summer Forest Technician?

The Maine woods are unique in beauty and ruggedness, and Seven Islands foresters enjoy some of the most remote areas of the state. If you are selected to be part of our summer program, we will provide a list of the gear needed, such as boots, rain gear, and insect repellent.  Chances are that most forestry students already own everything they need for a summer in our woods.

What can I expect working in Maine’s forests?

Besides our unofficial state bird, the black fly, Summer Forest Technicians can expect significant time navigating and driving on unpaved forest roads to get to their worksites. The work continues, rain or shine, and navigating through rugged forest conditions can be tiring. After training, our Forest Technicians generally work in pairs, and, to a large extent, unsupervised. However, supervisors will help you plan your work schedule, monitor the quality of your work, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

How will the work I do be used?

The tasks assigned to our Forest Technicians contribute to the management of our forest. For example, plantation and pre-commercial thinning assessments are used to check the quality of contracted work. Similarly, data collected from inventory cruising is entered into Seven Islands’ inventory system and used to calculate estimates of standing volume on our land base.

If You Are Interested

If you are interested in learning how you can be part of the Seven Islands Land Company Summer Forest Technician program, email your resume and cover letter to: